There is really only one way to buy a new, high-quality bike: going to a specialist shop. In order to give you more security when shopping and to protect you from unpleasant mishaps when buying a bike, the Krauti has summarized the most important features of a customer-friendly bike shop for you.


Nowadays there is hardly a company that does without a proper website. This also applies to the vast majority of bicycle shops. A visit to the website is worthwhile to get a first impression of the business. Do you have biking friends? Nothing better than that! Just ask them about their experiences with local businesses in your home.

You shouldn't forget about this when entering a bicycle dealer:
Inquire in advance about opening times and available offers, the shop is only open in the summer season, you can forget about it anyway, permanent proper service is not possible this way.

Distinguished quality: Branded specialist dealers are the only thing that really makes sense! Just because of the guarantee!
Clean and tidy: it should be a tidy shop. If it looks that you are afraid to totally suck yourself in, you can forget about it anyway.

If so then what is important:

Safety check: before the bike leaves the shop, it has to be checked once
Technical instruction: a proper specialist dealer should explain how the circuit and other components work properly.
Wrong attachments: after a few weeks it turns out that the stem is a size too long? Then go to the dealer. This usually replaces intact stems.

Everyone gets a screw loose! At the service-oriented specialist dealer there is a free check after a few hundred kilometers!
Always keep the purchase receipt and guarantee card tidily with many brand manufacturers, the guarantee can often be extended online.