In our riding technique trainings, all participants - whether beginners or advanced riders - have still developed their riding technique.

Whether group training or individual lessons, from steering technique to riding hairpin bends or from correct braking to overcoming obstacles, we offer you everything that contributes to your safety and thus also to the fun of mountain biking.

In our group training sessions with a maximum of 8 people, we not only focus on learning the technique, but also on a relaxed, easy-going, stress-free atmosphere.

Our excellently trained mountain bike guides look forward to looking after you during your mountain bike holiday!

During the riding technique training sessions at Krauti's Bike Academy, you will learn the following and put it into practice during a half-day tour:

  • Correct adjustment of the riding position
  • Material check
  • Correct braking and steering technique
  • Riding hairpin bends
  • Starting uphill
  • Descending a mountain
  • Overcoming obstacles, etc.

We offer special riding technique training for children and young people, women and professional bikers.

As the demand for riding technique trainings in the mountain bike school is increasing, we recommend you to book the riding technique trainings already before your mountain bike holiday in the Dolomites, at:

A group riding technique training is carried out with a maximum of 6 people per guide.


Euro 280,00 per day/guide (as a guest in a non-partner company)
Euro 190,00 per day/guide (as a guest in a partner company)