Sales & Marketing

To publicize and escape a product in a country like Italy, not just takes a long time, but also a lot of effort in communication. Good contacts in the field of cycling and of course a good relationship with the media, both online as printing. Only thus can be achieved high goals in sales!

The Krauti KG is just the right partner for your company to accomplish these tasks. The success of Krauti is based on a strong network in the Italian market and the German market and eccelletni media contacts Italian and German, and of course a highly motivated team, friendly and competent!

Based on the location of South Tyrol we organize sales and service in the field of the Italian market. In addition, our industry partners bikes, receive feedback from the Italian market, to possizionare even better their products in one of the largest markets of the bicycle.

Krauti KG
Karerseestasse 40
I-39056 Welschnofen
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